Commercial Laundry Contracting

Our Service

Project Installation and Commissioning

Planning installing and commissioning equipment, plus all the information needed, in terms of both operation and safety.

Corrective Maintenance

Resolving the problems in all Speed Queen Laundry equipment and solutions speedily and satisfactorily.

Parts Supply

Providing the supply of original spare parts, thereby ensuring the reliability and safety of the components used.

Training Service

Specially designed to ensure that your technicians are always kept up to date, both with new products and with the constant recycling of existing products.

Laundry Annual Maintenance Contract

We have a team of trained and experienced Engineers that provides prompt and effective after sales service. We ensure proper and regular maintenance of all machines during warranty as well as after warranty period.

After warranty, we provide service backup in various modules like:

Comprehensive AMC

This includes cost of replaced parts and labour charges.

Non-Comprehensive AMC

This includes repair and services only, with cost of replaced parts to be borne by the customer.

On Call Basis

This includes attending to urgent maintenance requirements. The technicians diagnose the problem, fix it and test the system to verify that it works properly.

Under an annual maintenance contract, we cover both preventive as well as break down maintenance. We arrange for periodical visits by senior officers, and also check the quality of job execution.

We provide advance intimation about spares requirement and minimum stock to be preserved, to help minimize break down period.

Extended Warranty

Support in the form of materials for new equipment for a period longer than the factory warranty, which will help you protect your investment in line with your business plans.

Preventive Maintenance

Performing operations and work that need to be carried out on a regular basis to control the proper functioning of equipment and prevent deterioration, and also to reduce the risk of potential problems.

Management Service

Establishing a repair and management commitment, including both labour and parts, as well as regular monitoring of the condition of the equipment.

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