Eagle Safe

Fire Resistant Commercial & Personal Safes

No. 1 Safes manufacturer from Korea Since 1972

Continental Office Equipment & Systems is a major supplier of Home and Business safes of various sizes and specifications. The brand name of “Eagle Safes” is an industry leader in the safe manufacturing business in Korea since 1972, it’s high quality standard products and special solutions is founded on a spirit of innovation, technical expertise, and the use of the most modern equipment and facilities in the development and manufacture.

Eagle Safes products, from burglary resistance safes to fire-proof safes and special safes, incorporate many years of special patented efforts and investment including:

  • Turret Punch Press in 1990 to produce as many products in less time
  • Joint-development of “Electronic Locking System” in 1990 with Samsung Electronics
  • CAD/CAM System in 1992 for flexible production control by computer
  • Laser Cutting Machine in 1992 to cut thicker still plate
  • Machining Center in 1994 for easy development of parts and tools
  • Roll Forming Line and Punching, Shearing & Bending Machine in 1995 for safes body production
  • Standardization of raw materials to lower the cost
  • Standardization of parts within 1/1000 tolerance to improve productivity and quality
  • ISO 9001 Certificate in 1996
  • UL Certificate obtained in early 1999

Excellent Fire Resistance

Sun Safes’s Fire Resistance Function, proven in various fire cases since the 1970s, has been engraved in the hearts of our customers to remind of eagles as to safe.

World Class Anti-Burglary technology

Sun Safes has the highest level of technology with continuous technology development, such as certification of UL’s RSC and European NE1141-1

Easy And convenient usability

Starting with the first electronic lock safes in Korea, which have benefited from the briliant and challenging spirit of Sun Safes, 80% of domestic safes now employ convenient electronic locks.

The first pattern design, bio-antibacterial protection safe

The first curved design, the first bio-antimicrobial safet, and so on, will continue to be our passion for new customers.

Various locking devices

Various lock devices can be applied to meet various needs of customers.

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